Thursday, January 1, 2009


That's what I've been doing. I confess, and many other women will understand this, that when I get a penchant to rearrange a dab of furniture, it blossoms. Before you know it, all males in the house are toting chairs and tables around.

I brought my television cabinet upstairs. It's been abused in the den downstairs for long enough - that's the children's domain. I sent the old victrola case down there, and it has plenty of room in it for the DVDs, etc. I finally put away the pictures I never hung up when we moved in; they'd been leaning against the dining room wall all these months.

Adam took down the Christmas lights today too. His comfy black chair came back upstairs and life can resume its normal mode.

Julia has taken up hand-sewing. Grandmother gave her a cute little sewing basket, and today I bought her all the little necessities at WalMart: scissors, thread, needles, pins, tape measure, pin cushion. She is thrilled.


  1. I just LOVE rearranging too!!! and organizing...sometimes probably a bit too much, lol!

  2. never apologize for re-arranging. women are the anchors of their homes and rearranging is their way of keeping the harbor shipshape. think of it as barnacle scraping!


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