Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The patio evolves...

The ripping up of our patio continues. [I can't type today. I typed that sentence quite a few times.] There was ugly, dilapidated wooden lattice in front of that AC unit that extended across the whole back of the house, and covered the windows too. So glad it is gone!

Here's another shot. See how much cleaner it is already? There was so much CRUD behind that lattice that we couldn't reach!

The hacking of the stump continues also. Peter is now digging a trench under the stump, Adam will insert a 2-ton hydralic jack to work the stump free, and then he will pull it out with a cable attached to the truck. Hopefully.

This is a smaller flower bed at the foot of the steps. It was packed with monkey grass and overgrown, and in the way. I dug out all the monkey grass, leaving only a climbing rose (and this is a terrible spot for it), which we'll transplant into a large pot and place in a sunny place.

The removed monkey grass. We don't like monkey grass much, so it will probably just get dumped out.


  1. that's a lot of money there in that wheel barrow! At the garden center you'd pay $4-5 for each plant! Wow - it will be really nice when you finish.

    How's your mom doing?

  2. wow, you guys have your hands full but you're going to love it when it's all done! :)

  3. I know the fun part for your guys is the pulling and tugging but why don't they just rent a stump grinder for a day and be done with it. Just a thought. Don't want to take the fun away though!

    Hey, MK, from those photo's it appears you are "gaining" a door. Since you haven't been able to go in and out that door off your dinning room. That is a great bonus.



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