Monday, January 12, 2009

Oxford, oh my

Hi all - just a few quick pics. Below is the Eagle and Child Pub, where I ate lunch today. That's where Tolkein and Lewis and their fellows met regularly. Sadly, I ate there alone; Lewis couldn't make it. Would have been nice to have had my husband too! The food was decent, but the atmostphere - it doesn't get any better!

This is Blackwells Bookstore. I spent some time there today (5 floors of books, I believe) looking for a fun book of Greek for Adam, and then found a little Old English for myself. Must get back into it, now that I've done that!

This is the ONLY un-fuzzy picture because it's the only one I didn't take through the rainy windshield of a double decker bus! We had a riding tour of the town.

The front tower of Christ Church Chapel. I toured this as well, and got to see the famous "Great Hall" which was used in the Harry Potter movies for the dining hall at Hogwarts. I asked the man there if they still use it for meals - it's so old and so gorgeous. He replied that the students eat there three times a day. I love the way the British USE their old stuff!


  1. Are you stepping on history? And having a moment at each place! What fun and I love that you can appreciate it all.
    Saw your mom today and she was looking very well. Said she could move her fingers and would be home tomorrow (Tues). I drove up from my Honeygram weekend in Charlotte. Love,

  2. MK - I just finished the book Pillars of the Earth - 12th Century England and Tom Builder's dream was to build a cathedral - these jobs typically took generations - it was a great book and such an appreciation gained in the building of these old churches... they sketched their architectural renderings on reeds put together... and out of them came Christ Church Cathedral. Awe inspiring.
    PS: Glad your mom is looking good - but she always lovely.


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