Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

It's not much snow, but it is enough to cancel school. Not enough for good sledding, sadly for Peter. He'll try anyway. Still, it makes the neighborhood look pretty.

Adam went out early to get his pizza oven burning. He's so happy to have another day of relaxation after such an emotional and stressful week - 2 funerals. So he's fiddling with fire. We'll have fondue today, and pizza, and probably a good movie. He'll make a fire in the firepit, and we'll see if I can tolerate the cold long enough to enjoy that!

I'm still reading the novel Gilead. It is such a good book. I don't usually read modern fiction, unless it has slipped into the category of "classic," worthy of anthologizing. Even then, I'm leery. But this is an excellent book. It is a first-person account of an elderly pastor, writing to his son who is a small boy, and whose life he anticipates missing because he is so old. The novel has much to do, subtly, with the relationships of fathers and children. The pastor is a thinker, of course, and the book is filled with his ruminations, doubts, wisdom and fears. His evaluations of himself, and of his own motivations and prejudices are perhaps the best elements of the book. I'll probably finish it today.

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