Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cold, rainy Saturday

That's what we have going on here. Adam is outside, picking up all the MANY sticks and branches in the yard, after the snow and ice we had awhile back. You know -- before the 80 degree weather we had recently. Goodness!!

My vision isn't great, but I do believe I see blooms on my Lady Banks rosebush. It has a nice warm spot, draped over the carport roof. And the Canadian Plum tree in the front yard is turning slightly pink.

And the cold rain comes down. A strange juxtaposition of winter and spring. I'm still drinking hot tea and wanting a fire in the fireplace (which I had for hours yesterday).

And in case you've been wondering, my grading is actually under control! I'm done grading rough drafts, which take forever, and am in the middle of grading final papers, which are quick. I gave AND GRADED a test for 21 students yesterday. Next week the essays will hit, plus another test. But when we start a new grading period, I'm taking a little grading break. The way I get piles of grading done these days, is to stay at the school for an extra 2 hours, hunkered over my desk, purple pen in hand.

Enough of that.

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