Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cold, rainy, tired, nappy

Yep. That about sums it up. Must go to church/choir practice this evening though.

Our 3 eldest are in the school play this weekend, and my parents are coming over for that, so it should be a fun, full weekend.

Anna is diligently getting her school work done ahead of time, as usual.

Peter needs a big haircut before the first play performance tomorrow, because he definitely looks like somebody from the 70s instead of the 20s.

Julia and Adam are planning to do at-home book binding with needle/thread/fabric. Sounds like fun, and Julia writes the books for it.

Philip is at school, because he is the tech/sound guy for the play. I hope he's organized enough for that!

And Philip has a prom date, and he's pretty happy.

Me? I wore boots and wool today because it's so RIDICULOUSLY cold. The lettuce that's come up in the garden is probably curling up its toes and shivering. I'm ready for spring break, for sleeping in, for not grading or doing class prep, for reading something written in the last century. (I'm pretty much stuck in the 17th century right now.) I'm ready for rest.

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