Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What to say?

Our lives are pretty much just stress right now. So, I don't really know what to blog about:

We're all at the school by 7:25 each morning. That's early.
I'm in my classroom all day. I mean, I don't even walk down the hall. I do go across the hall to the microwave to heat my frozen lunch, and to use the restroom. So, I'm out of the classroom for 5 minutes.
When I'm not teaching, I'm grading. My brain is mush.

But I got to leave my classroom at 3:00 today (instead of 5:35, like it was yesterday)!! At 3:00 we had a staff meeting. Now, this was a rough meeting. The economy is rather BAD (as we all know), and this is very hard on private schools, where parents pay through the nose for education, AFTER they've already paid for public education for their children, which they don't want.

So, I don't hold it against the school that they:
Will reduce my salary by 9% next year
Won't cover health benefits for my family
Will reduce the amount they pay for my health benefits by 10%
Will decrease the amount of our tuition discount from 50% to 40%

Hey, they're trying to keep the boat afloat. I just wish the school didn't have such a huge load of debt that all this was necessary. But that debt was accumulated by previous administrations. We got left holding the bag.

And Adam has no job yet. How will we handle this? How can our family live on one teacher's salary, with changes like that?

Of course, we can't. But as Adam says, it is important to keep the one job we still have :) But the children will most likely not be able to attend the school next year. We just can't afford to have that tuition taken out of my paycheck. Not sure how the details of their education will work out. And they'll probably have to be on medicaid, if we qualify. They have to be covered somehow.

But this is all FUTURE. We are hopeful that Adam will be able to find a ministry job this summer. He says that there are LOTS of ministry positions out there, open; he's now looking everywhere, and we're willing to move.

We'll see what God wants. If he wants us to stay at the school, he'll work out a way to keep us here. We're following his lead.

Tonight we go to church, where we have an equally high level of stress. There's not much of any place in our lives these days that is calm. How about our home, you ask? Yes, home is fine. But I find myself looking around and wondering whether I'll be living here in 6 months, and if I should start collecting boxes anytime soon! You never know!

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