Thursday, March 19, 2009

"He won't fear no bad news..."

This morning, driving to work in the semi-dark, this chipper James Ward song was running through my mind. "He won't fear no bad news, steady as she goes -- for even in darkness, light dawns, for the gracious and upright."

I've really needed some good news lately. ANY good news. I'm tired of daily bad news -- a meeting at school, a call about church, a sad email. Too much!

So I told God I needed just one piece of good news.

What came in the mail today?

A letter telling Philip that he is now the recipient of the largest scholarship that his college offers! And this is an award that goes for 4 years. Oh My Word. I'm SO excited! I called his cell phone, but he didn't answer. (And, yes, I did open his mail.)

You must understand that, from a poor family that buys its clothing from Salvation Army, it's a pretty big deal to find out that your son has been given A HUGE WAD OF MONEY (I almost typed the amount, but I think maybe I'm not supposed to tell) for his education.

Hm. I'll just say that the amount he's offered for 4 years is about 2/3 the amount that we paid for our house.


Y'know what's cool? When I told God yesterday that I really needed some good news, that letter was already in the mail. He was planning my good news before I even asked for it.

Thank you, God.


  1. The God we serve - always on time, never late, never early and always comes with just what His children need.

    Rejoicing with you on this great news! Tell Phillip we said "congrats".


  2. how WONDERFUL!!! I'm sooo happy for your family!

  3. God is so good. Remember the time when the electric man showed up to turn our power off? (mid 70's) Dad said - wait just a second - we just prayed about this... he then sent me across the street to check the mailbox.. We needed $55 - and in our mailbox was a check to my dad from his little sister, for $25 - (she'd never sent him money before or since) and there was an envelope with 3 ten dollar bills......... Dad just signed the back of the check and handed the man the money.... and our power stayed on another month... :)

  4. That is awesome! I'm so glad you shared your joy here, because just the knowledge that you are blessed is a blessing to those of us who also look to God for our supply. And how proud are you of your boy? That kind of money is not handed to slackers, and it must feel so good to have raised that young man.

  5. ROCK ON!!!! Go Philip!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!


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