Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When in need of refreshment:

Take a walk in the yard on a sunny day.

After my last blog post, I went outside, and it helped. We have so many lovely plants blooming in the yard. The camellia bush (tree) is loaded with huge pink blooms. The quince is in full bloom. The forsythia is still vibrant. And most fun of all, Adam has both peas and lettuce coming up in the garden. It refreshed my heart to see new little things growing.

I do still have quite a bit of optimism. Adam has months to job-hunt, and the market in pastoral work/ministry is not as low as the rest of the job market. Plus he does get paid through most of the summer. And we have a good bit of savings to tide us over for a while, if we are frugal. It's very possible that some of these changes in our lives, in the long run, will be good things. Adam could find a job he'll love. Homeschooling may be really great for the kids (if we can juggle it...).

I'm very thankful that we have spring weather now. The Lord knows that I need to breathe in fresh air and run my fingers through the soft, new foliage of young plants. We must get outside of ourselves and remember to see beauty.

And one last thing: a late (one day late) very happy birthday wish to my dear mother. I tried to call you yesterday about 6:00, but you weren't home. The card will be drifting your way this week. Your birthday has become yet another casualty of this crazy week - sorry! We love you!

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  1. MK,
    Praying for you and yours during this time of transition.

    With great love,


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