Monday, March 2, 2009

Not bad for the South...

Our neighbors' trees early this morning, just as the sun was warming the top branches:

Very heavy snow on all branches - about 5 inches total, I believe.

It was nice to get this shot before any child knocked off that snowy knob.

Our pine tree has branches that are bowed down, but only one branch (and an old, dead one at that) in our yard fell to the ground. No damage.

The Canadian plum tree in the front yard will be a mass of white blooms in a month or so, but right now it has lovely white of a different kind.

Adam has gone into the yard to build a fire in his oven, and one in the earthen firepit, so I'd better get on the big boots and join him. We've had a leisurely morning. I made omelettes for everyone with cheese (3 kinds), garlic, green pepper, or onion. And a pot of homemade hot cocoa on the stove - so glad we ran out of the powder kind from the store. It's a radically better drink when made with milk, sugar and real cocoa. Yummm.


  1. Stay warm and have another cup of cocoa for me! I love home made cocoa. The pictures are beautiful!

  2. always beautiful when it first falls....but so much more beautiful when it has MELTED AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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