Sunday, March 22, 2009

I found the mysterious, missing SOCK!

You know - the sock that disappears in your LAUNDRY?

Here it is!

Seriously -- I empty the dryer lint each week, right before I do laundry on the weekend. I only do laundry for Adam and me. [Yes, I know that some of you with children are drooling at the mere idea that they could ALL do their own laundry!]

This weekend, I decided to empty the lint again, after I was done with my 4 or 5 loads. That's what's in the photo - lint from only my and Adam's clothes.

And lo, the wad of lint is about the size of an adult sock. That's a lot of fabric to lose EACH WEEK! I'm surprised we have any substance left, hanging in our closets!

I imagine the real disappearing socks are all partying together in a septic tank somewhere.

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  1. I think that's great that your kids do their own laundry. :) My Patrick wanted to learn how to do laundry and we've begun teaching him!! He's 9 and Rachel has begun helping him - I do the folding and hanging up but they put it all away! When I mention this to any other moms - they are in awe... I"m wondering why don't they have their children putting away their own laundry - start it now and it won't be an issue when they get to their teens... :)


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