Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a little braggin'

Today I showed a documentary in my World Literature classes. It was the 3rd episode of "Greeks: the Crucible of Civilization" - we can get it from Netflix. {As a matter of fact, I have a play-it-now option, so I don't even need a CD in the classroom, just internet access!} It's a good video, and focuses on the Greek Golden Age, the Peloponnesian War, and Socrates.

As I was watching it (for the 4th time), Liam Neeson narrated about the amazing scientific accomplishments of these Greeks. They measured the pyramids. They measured the circumference of the earth. They were brainiacs.

And on the screen were pictures of complicated mathematical equations, accompanied by their explanations, in Greek.

And I looked at that fancy stuff, done by those brainiacs, and I thought, "My husband understands everything up there. He would know what all that math means. And he reads Greek too."

He taught himself Greek, with a Greek New Testament and a lexicon. And he taught himself Latin too. Just for fun. Just because he loves to learn.

Recently he decided to check out the courses offered online by MIT. They post all the reading, all the assignments, online. You can do all the work. (Of course, you can only get the credit if you pay the money. Shucks!) So, Adam decided to do the coursework for a bunch of their graduate-level courses in math.

Just for fun, or as he says, to relax.

I wonder, how many people in our little town of 25,000 can do hoopy math, read Latin and Greek, and take graduate math courses for fun?

So, I'm bragging. I think he's pretty amazing. I must admit that his mind was one of the most appealing things about the man, when I married him. And his legs...he has great legs.

I mentioned to him this afternoon about the documentary. His reply? "Well. A lot of good it's done me."

But I think it HAS done him a lot of good. He has an inquisitive mind, and that is a pleasurable thing to own! He is never bored if there is a book around to read. He can offer helpful information in a multitude of situations.

I know he's discouraged that he has to be looking for a job soon, that for whatever reason, the school doesn't want him anymore. I don't understand it myself. Because, if I were starting a school, Adam is exactly the kind of teacher I'd want: he challenges the students, he has contagious enthusiasm for all kinds of knowledge, and the students LOVE the way he can combine various fields of knowledge, showing the connections that make them say, "Aha!"

So, I'm gonna brag on him. Hope you don't mind. And if you hear of a job out there for a great man like him, drop me a line.


  1. We have him and your family in our prayers and YOU have reason to brag. :) Love you guys!

  2. Well,our history and literature teacher for highschool is leaving. She is going back to school to get her PHd. Send resume to John Geiger, Eastwood Christian School.

    Just a thought.



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