Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thoroughly Modern Millie!

The drama department of our school put on this fun musical this weekend. All their hard work and diligent practice certainly paid off!

This is Anna's third musical at our school, and each year she has larger roles. This year she played the kidnapped Ethel Peas, and later the male lead's mother, "Muzzy." She did great! She was in and out of costume multiple times.

Philip was the ever-essential soundman. Here he is, with one of his VERY favorite people, Mrs. Brown, who played "Mammy" in the musical. At one point, Philip had 17 mics on stage at once, plus all the musical cues and interludes. He did this (with his team) seamlessly. Bravo!

Peter played various male roles, but here he is in his policeman's helmet. He had a great poker face.

My parents came over for the performance and it was so much fun to enjoy this event with them again this year. They really get a kick out of the comedy and love the great music and romantic themes.


  1. THAT looks like a TON of fun. Makes me a little less sad that my kids won't be this little always - then they can entertain me on stage!

    Could you update that broken link in your sidebar when you get a chance?? Indebted to you forever...

    (Just change the to .net)

  2. So nice that they have their grandparents to share this special time with. - maybe Anna has a future in the Arts?

    I think Philip is looking like Marshall and Peter's hair cut looks great!

  3. How fun to have the whole fam be a part! :) Reminds me of Genevieve...she was always sooo great in plays. I on the other hand couldn't remember my lines due to stage fright! :)

  4. You made an awesome costume/props coordinator though, Dawn. You kept us sane and happy in "Give and Take."

    I wish we could have seen TMM. It's one of our favorites. Muzzy is a big role! Did Anna sing? I can't really picture it. She must be growing up.


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