Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day Visitation

Friends from school came over this afternoon to enjoy the snow, the fire, and the conversation -- not to mention marshmallows and hot cocoa, which fit well in the mix! Here's Julia and Emma, building their "snow centipede." Never heard of such a thing - I must be an old fogey!

Anna and Sarah huddle around the fire and warm their fingers on toasty mugs.

Daddy Mike gets Emma some hot water. That snow centipede is chilly work!

Julia with her snowman mug (not a snow centipede mug??), and Alex taking a break from pelting Peter with snowballs.


  1. looks idyllic! want you to know, my prayers for you are that you will not have to move...i'm being pretty specific with God; not that i want you to be outside His will or anything, but, all the same...praying you can be in His will right where you are!

  2. Is Anna in sandles? If so, a true Southerner she is!


  3. I was going to say the same thing...are those flip flops? ha ha...enjoy the white stuff


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