Monday, May 3, 2010


We have only 3 weeks of school left, counting today. So, only 14 days. I've been teaching in the classroom for long enough, that I eagerly anticipate the end of school much more than the students do. I know I work over twice as hard as they do, and I don't have all the "social benefits" of the school setting, so I relish the END of the work more than students do. All teachers, I think, feel this way.

We're busy. Today Anna did her dance/ballet recital for the year. It was small, only 2 girls in her class, and it was early b/c neither girl will be here in June. I'll post a picture of her later.

We've had a death in our church family, and the funeral is Wednesday. Adam will be preaching on Heaven, his favorite topic, and one which he's talked about in depth with the deceased person's daughter. She requested the topic.

The weather has turned warm and humid. There's so much yard work -- the garden, wood splitting, mowing, bee preparation, and then trying to get the pool up for the summer. All this makes it hard to concentrate on math and literature during the day, for all of us.

Philip will be finishing his first year of college, and will be coming home this time next week! He will probably be home for the summer. Anna will be away. Who knows where we'll be? Our lives seem so up in the air; I've never known a man to do such good work as Adam is doing now at our church, and simultaneously have such uncertainly in his employment and employability. It's bizarre, but then, life is unusual, isn't it? We take each day as it comes. I often lie in bed at night and just tell myself, "Well, I'm still here. Never thought we'd still be here in our house now, but we are. That's something to be thankful for!"

I know that I will look back on this time as: 1) a time of trial and testing and anxiety, 2) a time of deep spiritual growth (trials always seem to produce this, 3) a time of doubting and uncertainly, and of reprimanding myself for my lack of hope, 4) a testimony of God's grace when he delivers us out of this time of under-employment and settles us into a different position. From His previous pattern, I feel relatively certain God will do this, but it does not ease my heart much now. Moments of worry, moments of peace.

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  1. It is really hard to be up in the air about the future, but it keeps you in touch with reality. The truth is none of us knows what is going to happen tomorrow, or where we'll be, even if some of us have the luxury of planning with more confidence. You have to exercise your faith and keep in prayer, in order not to become discouraged. God bless you in the battle!


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