Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Lacy Lid

My mother has a nifty thing in her kitchen. It's a lacy doily with heavy beads around the edge. You can place it over any open container and it's an instant lid. It keeps flies or bugs out of pitchers of drink, and is useful on picnics. She keeps it over her sugar bowl next to her stove. It's attractive, and most of all, it's versatile. You don't have to look for the matching lid; the lacy lid fits any opening that's smaller than it.

I've wanted one, so this evening I decided to make one. Here's the beginning:
That's my next-to-smallest crochet hook. I wanted a fine enough stitch that it would effectively cover a jar and not allow bugs in.
I bought that thin yard today at my local "junk store." The whole spool cost me $1.50.
This is what I accomplished this evening. The crocheting took me about 2 hours, I guess. But I had to hit up Anna for some beads (I don't do beads usually), and these are what she had. They are MINISCULE. I had a hard time finding a needle that would thread through the bead holes, and then had a VERY hard time putting thread through that tiny needle's eye! I'll have to continue the beading tomorrow. I'm done for the evening.
I'll try to get you a final photo on a jar when I'm done. Next time, I think I'd make the stitching more open, and certainly use heavier beads. I'm putting 10 beads on each loop, but still they probably will not be heavy enough to weigh the lid down as much as I'd like. The weight of the beads is supposed to hold the edge of the lid around the mouth of the jar. When I perfect the technique, I'll let you know.

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