Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's mighty good!

I've started making smoothies. I've read on several blogs how healthy they are. I got this from the Macheesmo blog -- well, kind of. I don't measure anything. But I follow his general idea.

Into the blender go about 3/4 of a banana, 2 handfuls of frozen blueberries (I'm still using the ones from my brother's farm, from last summer), and about 6 frozen strawberries. I put in 2 LARGE dollops of good vanilla yogurt (probably over 1/2 cup), and top it off with orange juice (I'd say about 3/4 cup). I know -- but if you vary the measurements quite a bit, I don't think it'll matter much.
Pulse and blend thoroughly, and "Voila!!" as the French would say! Here you have it. This was Julia's:
This was mine:
It has a nice fluffy look and tastes delectable. It's a great way to get your fruit servings, and it's quick for breakfast. Just keep all those items on hand in your kitchen.
And SLURP!! It's gone!


  1. You are so right. We used to live on smoothies. You can sneak all kinds of good things in on your children in them - like brewer's yeast and tofu!!! Imagine!

  2. Looks just like mine! Nice work! :)

    I'm working on an epic smoothie post that I'm hoping to post next week... stay tuned!

  3. that's EXACTLY how I make mine...the kids LOVE them. I usually pick up the bags of frozen fruit at the grocery store and just keep those on hand. Any kind of juice will work and yogurt is a must! Not to mention, you can always use those bananas that are going bad! :)

  4. p.s. try adding spinach leaves, it's pretty yummy!

  5. Thanks, Dawn -- I'll have to try that spinach! Green smoothies? Nick, I'll look forward to that post!


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