Friday, May 28, 2010

The Deafening Quiet...

Tonight the hubby and I are at home alone. Well, there is the dog. But Philip is up in Indiana at a wedding with friends. And Anna left on Wednesday to go to her summer job -- she won't be home until August. Julia is at a birthday sleepover at her best friend's house. And then Peter also worked out to stay at his friend's house.

Voila! No kids.

I would say that Adam and I hardly know how to act, but that would be a lie. We like to be together, and we enjoy being alone. But I must say -- the silence! There's way too much house here for just us two. Note to self & hubby: Buy a smaller house when the kids leave.

We watched a movie on the couch. Had some yummy ice cream/peanuts/chocolate sauce in waffle cones. I finished crocheting a cool bag (pictures tomorrow). He's also finished a new piece of bee furniture (picture tomorrow). Creativity abounds.

But I won't be making pancakes in the morning as I usually do, because there are no kids here to eat them. I'm realizing that the kids will be "coming and going" more and more as the years go by. And then they'll come as seldom as we go to my folks' house, perhaps less often.

A marriage must withstand this. For many couples it's a traumatic time, and some of them don't survive it. That's reason #378 why couples should not center their lives, their homes, and their marriages around their children. Just in case anyone out there needs a reminder. It's so important to recall that the kids will be gone and your spouse won't be, unless the Lord takes him home.

Still, I think we may need a few more dogs, down the road. They make noise.

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