Saturday, May 29, 2010

A little adult creativity:

This is Adam's latest beekeeping equipment -- a nuc box. Think "nucleus" -- i.e. the small center core of something. This is a down-sized hive, designed to pack bees in more densely and cause them to produce more. It has only 4 frames and a lid. These frames have no foundation; the bees will build comb directly in the frames, hanging it from the top of the frame. He made this all from scratch.
And I've been crocheting. I found a lot of lovely, rustic-feeling yard at a junk store months ago, and I've been saving it for the right project. I like this little bag:
It's purse-size. It has a round bottom. I like the open-work in the middle.
I did a lacy edge around the top. It would be big enough to take to the farmer's market to stash a few things in -- it's deep. But I'd love to make a bigger one, enough for a real shopping trip. I'll keep you posted if that materializes. Do you think I could sell these?
It's nice to know that we adults can be creative too :)


  1. I'll take one!!!

  2. I think you are very creative! I'd buy one! :) I've become quite good lately at taking my own bags shopping with me! :)


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