Saturday, May 15, 2010

I leave home for 24 hours and...

And my husband builds something!
This is a beehive -- called a Warre hive. I can't believe he built this whole thing while I was gone overnight!
He has 3 separate hive boxes stacked here. He can later add more, as high as he feels comfortable stacking it.
He built 8 inner frames to go in each of the boxes. The bees build their wax combs onto these frames.
He's now moved the first hive from the country into our backyard, and the bees seem to be adjusting fine. This Warre hive will be for his next set of bees.


  1. Isn't it cool? I like these -- they're cuter than regular hives :)

  2. I love the little roof...have you had any honey yet??

  3. Lovely! A Buzzirtect! And poor Anna. Wet tobacco used to work for me...

  4. Hunter -- we put some damp pipe tobacco on it, and it is somewhat better. It was quite swollen!


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