Thursday, May 20, 2010

What 3 years will do:

My hydrangeas are going crazy this year. Bless them!
These are 3 hydrangeas bushes. I moved them to this location because they were being suffocated by dozens of azaleas. Then we ripped out the azaleas, and the poor hydrangeas were left in a spot where they were likely to be run over.
They've been so happy here! Now they are a long, enormous bank of bloom.
They've just begun to flower. Hopefully I'll remember to take more pictures when they're in full bloom. Three years ago they were spindly orphans. Now they are beauty queens who rule the yard.

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  1. I love your hydrangeas! Praise God for the way He blesses our decorative efforts and we get gladness from flowers day after blooming day.


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