Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes, yes -- I'm still here

I'm just so BUSY!

Yesterday, Adam and I drove to Chattanooga to retrieve our eldest from his first year of college. We left at 7:20 AM and returned at about 9:00 PM.
L - O - N - G Day. However, it's wonderful to have him home, the drive was pleasant and fine, and as a HUGE bonus, we got to meet his girlfriend and we all had a picnic lunch together in the riverfront park in Chattanooga. She's a sweetie and a half. It was great.

But today! Ugh! The first thing I had to do was make granola, so we could have some breakfast. Check
It began with a doctor appt. for Peter, to get his last x-ray of his wrist. Check
While Peter was being xrayed, I dashed to the bank with Philip, whose finances were in a bit of a mess. Check
Picked up Peter & Adam, returned home, taught the high schoolers some literature. Check
(Don't tell, but I also had to read the history material I would be teaching them at 1:00...) Check
Then Adam took us all out for lunch at the local pizza buffet, to celebrate Philip's being home. Check
1:00, Taught said history lesson. Check
2:00 dental appointments for 3 children. Check
While Adam sat at the dentist's, Philip and I went grocery shopping for the week. Check
Dashed home. Made spaghetti sauce. Sat down for 4 minutes. Back to the kitchen and made 2 loaves of bread. Check
Ate spaghetti...
Took bread out of oven...
Dashed to church to the ladies' meeting. Check
Finally, I'm home. And I'm going to bed.


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  1. I both love and hate those days--so busy, yet so productive. And it's good--Proverbs 31, "...she eats not the bread of idleness..."


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