Monday, May 31, 2010

Drying Flowers

I've only dried flowers occasionally. This year, I think I'm gonna give it a better try. Saturday, I cut about half of my blooming yarrow:
I have SO MUCH hydrangea -- snowball bush, as some call it. I'm hanging it under the patio umbrella, hoping this works.
This morning the blooms looked a bit limp.
I think I've dried them before. I don't recall what I did.
I also have a HUGE bank of "money plant," which is still green. I've heard it dries well on the plant, so I'll cut it later in the season. I'm hoping to have quite a bit of that -- maybe I can sell it at the farmer's market?


  1. It is wonderful that your blog featured with the beautiful flowers you post.

  2. I wonder if snowball bush is the same as the hydrangeas we had in Iowa. I'd like to know if you can dry them as well. I found that if I picked hydrangeas too young they would wilt, but if I let them stay on the bush until they started to dry just the tiniest bit naturally, they held up better. I dried them standing in a vase, not upside down.


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