Monday, November 22, 2010

Art Day

Since Julia hasn't had a single day off school all semester, this week I thought we'd shake things up a little.
So, today was "Art Day."  For Julia, that means PAINTING.
For Anna, every day is Art Day, if it means doing hand work.  She's working on a baby quilt. She and her 2 cousins completed the squares, and now she's putting it together.  Here are two of the squares.
They're so cute -- maybe I should post them all!
Julia begins painting this morning.  She's using the travel watercolor set that Adam's mom gave her -- she adores it, and the little brush is her favorite. She's using the homemade paper, which I think is a bit more challenging to paint on.  She decided to do an Egyptian scene, since last year's study of Egypt was her favorite thing thus far, in homeschooling. Except maybe Latin.
And here's my painting area.  She wanted company. I find painting to be just about the most relaxing thing I ever do, seriously. I do it about twice a year, when Julia wants to.
Is this picture the painter's equivalent to writer's block?
I decided on something easy -- the pitcher Philip gave me for my birthday.
This is supposed to be the rose bush in my backyard, with yellowing leaves.
The Egyptian scene. Queen is taller that her son, the prince, who needs a stool.  A lion also, and a servant fanning.
Julia also did daisies on a windowsill, and a little one of Sandy, stealing some cake from a table.  She's rather good at drawing Sandy. She does it a lot.
A forest scene:
And a large harvest moon, with a girl dancing in a field:

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  1. I love them ALL! You have some talented artists!



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