Friday, November 26, 2010

Where there are food and fellowship ...

We started out our Thanksgiving Day at church, with our dear friends there. We always have a Thanksgiving Breakfast for everyone -- and SO many people come out for this!  I'm amazed at the ladies who can pry themselves away from their kitchens on Thanksgiving morning to go to church.
One couple in our church had lots of grandkids to visit for the day,  and here they are, all eating together at the table.
Our precious friends, Barb and Ron, just found out they will be grandparents, for the first time!  They were beaming!
As we drove for a visit to my parents, the skies turned from dark and foreboding, to blue and cloudy:
My mother has a wonderful turkey recipe.  She gets the grocery meat department to debone the turkey, removing the breasts from the bone.  They she rolls it up with this in the middle: rosemary, paprika, olive oil and garlic, ground up here in her cuisanart. The aroma is downright distracting, and the turkey stays moist -- and it cooks so much faster.
The turkey, before serving. Each piece has a bit of those wonderful flavors, on its edge.
While we prepared supper, the men and children worked outside, cutting down unwanted saplings that were blocking my parents' stunning Blue Ridge Mountain view. Later this pile of brush will be burnt.
My plate:  clockwise -- turkey, Anne's garden beans, stuffing with gravy, Anne's homemade raspberry preserves (for my roll, not pictured), mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole in the middle.  We had my pies later in the evening.
More pictures later, and this time I promise I'll post photos of family members :)

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