Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Very Pleasant Visit

We had such a nice visit at my parents' house for Thanksgiving. Anna and Katie hung out a lot.  On Friday, they got out all of grandmother's loose photos and organized them.  Katie put some into an album. One of these days, we'll get them ALL organized and albumized!
These two -- Peter and Ben -- played an epic game of monopoly for hours downstairs in the basement.  Julia and Nathan also played together, usually outside, and had the scratches and muddy shoes to prove it.
Here's my sweet brother Max and his very dear wife, Anne.  Can you tell he likes her a little?
I don't often put pics of myself on here;  I'm not very photogenic, but I figured I'd better, so you'd really believe I was there :) Adam didn't wet his hair down on Friday and it got tall and stood up on his head.  He calls it "Baptist preacher hair."
I did make my cherry pandowdy, and it turned out just as delicious as a cherry pie, without that soggy bottom. Very yummy.

My parents have gorgeous sunsets on a daily basis, where they are. We were sitting down to supper on Friday when someone noted the sunset, so I dashed up, grabbed the camera, and got this quick shot.  The light is wonderful, but I love the look of the trees here -- jagged, thin, dark and cold. They look like skinny witches, on a trek to a cave somewhere.


  1. Joel has never combed his hair since I don't know when, maybe a senior in high school. Then curly came 'in'. Nice comfy post, and the tomatoes look great! We had a few too, but I just got sick of the yard at one point and haven't done much since. I need to clean my porches.

  2. I need to clean too, M. During winter the porches, windows, walks, get really icky. We hibernate a bit.


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