Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Fun

Also known as, "Leaf-Raking Saturday." Peter declared this to be the day. He's getting after those leaves. We have a very narrow, very deep lot, so the goal is to get those leaves down to the curb -- a long way!
Julia used the push broom on the driveway.
Sandy's contribution was to bark at all the brooms and let them know who was boss.
Even Anna -- Anna!! -- came out to help.  Of course, that was after I ordered her OFF the computer! This long stretch you see is only a part of the front yard.  We won't even think about the back yard yet.
Sandy was, as we say, "All Uppity Dog!"
The Rakers. Note Julia, hiding.
When the leaves were at the curb, Julia wanted to throw Sandy in them. Sandy is no dummy, and wouldn't let Julia catch her.  But as soon as Julia dove, head-first, into the leaves, Sandy was right there in the pile with her!
Oh, to be young again! Do you remember doing that?


  1. Oh, I do remember playing in the leaves in the autumn in North Alabama! Julia is just the right age for so much fun! My Catherine recommends a decongestant and Mucinex (sp?) for the phlemmy throat. So looking forward to T'giving! Love, Hunter

  2. Thanks, Hunter! I bought some Mucinex, and it does work, although it was slow. I'm still coughing it up.


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