Friday, November 19, 2010

A Local Episcopal Church

Remember Betsy's tree? Here is was on Sunday:
Here is was, this morning.  Poof! We had a big rain/wind storm this week, and all the glorious colors fell to the ground. See that leaf-sucking machine?
This morning I went to an Episcopal church to play the piano for a friend who was practicing her flute. We played "What Child Is This?" So beautiful! I love simple Christmas music, thin and plaintive like a wisp of mist on a cold morning.  Okay, enough with the poetry!  Her's the front of their sanctuary.  The ladies were there, beginning to decorate for the Advent season.
Here's the other end of the sanctuary.  The woodwork on the ceiling and all around the walls was wonderful, dark and somber.
Here's the front stained-glass window:
Out in the main foyer is a large space for fellowshiping on a Sunday morning. Just recently, the church added on a large addition to the back of the building, including this majestic window.  These folks clearly have excellent taste. Lots of wood, mullioned windows, Tudor style, and copper trim.
Here's the addition from the outside.  You can see the window here -- inside, we were only seeing the top of it!


  1. They surely did a nice job with that addition.

  2. Betsy's tree was magnificent! That's why you soak up all the color you can in fall; you never know when it'll be gone. Lovely church. It looks warm and inviting and the stained glass is rich.


  3. The gold of that tree still overwhelms me a bit, each time I look at the photo.

    We watched as this church built that addition, every time we drove by, but I'm ashamed to say I'd never been inside, until yesterday. Isn't that sad? We often do that with beautiful places around us -- drive by, but never quite stop and take the time to go inside.


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