Monday, November 1, 2010

Why I love the junk store:

Just when I think the local junk stores can't have ANYTHING else I need, I come across this:
It's absolutely perfect, and a very nice rug. It's my 3rd rug in this hallway.  The first one was plaid -- white and lime-green squares.  Ewwww! Plus it was old, stained and had holes. Then I bought one at Big Lots (cheap, but not as low-priced as this one!)  It didn't work either -- WAY too short for the space, and too thick.  People were tripping over it on their way to the bathroom.  For a couple of years, I've had no rug here at all.

(Sorry for the dark photo. I try not to use a flash b/c it uses up my batteries lickety-split. I took that pic with the hallway light on, plus all the bedroom lights too :)

Tonight I'd planned tacos, but I also had some broccoli in the frig that wasn't getting any younger, if you know what I mean!  I do try to serve it to the fam before it's yellow ....  Anyway, my obliging hubby agreed to make fried broccoli, which everybody loves!
Well, I was disturbed from my blog post by Julia shouting, "Look who's in the back yard!!"  It was our neighbors' chickens.  They're adorable, and it was fun chasing them back to their own yard.  They seemed reluctant.  These chickens are the source of the BEST fresh eggs I've had lately. I may be happy for my egg man's absence, if I can negotiate for neighbors' eggs. We all ate them for breakfast, and they were YUMMERS.


  1. Your broccoli reminds me of the yummy fried broccoli we used to have at the Iron Horse Grill. It seems like a million years since the guys worked there. The invitation to come up to northern Virginia still stands!


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