Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mountains in Autumn

I anticipated the glory of the mountains in autumn,
and I wasn't disappointed.
The colors are muted and rusty this year. Still, the sky is a pellucid blue.
Stunning yellows, oranges and reds are thrilling when they occur.
But many years we see golds, rusts and maroons. 
I ask you, are they less lovely?
Not to me.
 So many hillsides I wanted to photograph, but I was driving.
Many of the trees were bare, but for their topmost branches.
Hundreds of them had only a tuft of brown or gold on their heads,
while their shivering gray limbs beneath were thin with winter.
We saw snow in Beckley.

This shot was taken as we crossed the New River Gorge.
It does no justice to the beauty above and beneath us,
as hundreds of travelers whisked past it, 
hurrying to get somewhere.
We notice when God allows nature to put on an impressive show,
Nature with her prom dress, spa nails and make-up on.
I prefer her in her everyday attire,
Gold, Rust, Maroon

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