Sunday, November 28, 2010

Those weird little coincidences.

Okay, this is a really random post, but I just have to say something, and I knew you would understand.  The last post I did (about tomatoes, remember?), I made a typo.  Shocking, I know.  When I described my reaction to the glorious tomatoes, I meant to say, "Oh my stars!"  But instead, I typed, "Oh my starts!"

Silly me.

I read it on my Google Reader that way, and went right back and corrected the error.


Then, I was over on Facebook, reading away, and I saw a link to a friend's aunt's blog, a blog I never read at all, but it looked interesting.  It's called "Over the Ord and Back."  The post was about the grandma's old house, and looked sweet and nostalgic, so I thought I'd take a look.  (Nice post, btw.)  The writer was describing how beautiful the place is, and how deep and dark the night sky is there.  She said it this way: "The starts pop."

"The starts"?

And I realized she had made the same mistake as I did :) Isn't that odd?

And isn't it odd that we made the same error on the same day? One that neither of us has probably made before?

And that I found it on a blog I never read? Within 5 minutes of finding my own error?

Okay, okay, you object.  And I'm writing about it because ...?

Well, because these kind of bizarre, seemingly-meaningless coincidences happen to me fairly often.  Often enough that even their frequency becomes a slightly disturbing pattern in itself.

Like Walt Whitman, I could say that perhaps this is the "handkerchief of the Lord," designedly dropped so that I will pick it up, and look at it, and ask "Whose?" and then see Him in it. Is it God?  Aren't all things God?

Ah well.  If you don't find weird little coincidences interesting, that's okay.  At least I connected you to a very nice blog post, well worth reading, over at "Over the Ord."  But -- -- do any of you ever have feather-ruffling coincidences like mine?


  1. thats my sistes blog. id idnt even see the tpyos!

  2. M, you crack me up, as usual :)

  3. I love these happenings. Yes, they do happen to me...can't think of an example at the moment, though. Usually I don't have anyone to tell, but next time I'll have to tell it on my blog!


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