Monday, February 28, 2011

The Lunch Dilemma

Considering that I'm a tad bit overweight, it's odd that I'm often not very excited about food. I eat the same boring thing for breakfast each day:  buttered toast and OJ. Sometimes hot tea. Sometimes an egg.

And lunch is a problem. I generally don't like lunch foods much. Not a sandwich fan, and never have been. Or rather -- the idea of a sandwich doesn't thrill me. When I bite into it, my response is usually an inner, 'yummm.'  BLTs are a favorite, of course, but who can eat BLTs every day?

The other day, I made this. Doesn't it look good?
That's just a store-bought cheese sauce in a jar. I loaded the chips up with the cheese, lettuce & tomato (I adore tomatoes), made a mess, and it was delicious.

All that to say, I sometimes need to get creative at lunch. We eat leftovers almost every day. (That's been a hard sell with my family, but I think I've succeeded.) And many times, Adam has had to remind me, "Did you have any lunch yet?"  I sheepishly admit that I'd forgotten. Or put it off.

(And then I'm starving at 3:30.)

And supper?  I'm often weary of thinking up' what to have tonight!' Do you ever feel that way?

So, how can a woman who's often bored with eating, get overweight?

Wish I knew!


  1. MK, I use Lose It! at It's really helping me. You can have friends there; you could be my friend! Anyway, it's free. You could give it a shot. It's basically about recording calories. You can decide what you want to lose and how fast and it will tell you how many calories you can eat a day. It's great. Very helpful. I've lost about 15 pounds using it.

  2. Hi MK! This post made me smile. I'm going to be a regular visitor here. I don't have the answer, but I feel better for reading your words! (BIG HUG)

  3. Maybe because you're not eating regularly, when you do eat, do you overdo it? And I don't know about that cheese dip. Sounds pretty high in calories to me.

    I'm a little overweight, too. I'm TRYING to add more raw fruits and vegetables into what I eat. I've begun counting calories and keeping a food journal through FITDAY. It made me realize that I was simply eating too many calories a day for me to lose weight. I think it's very easy for us to eat too much and not even know it. Good luck with your weight loss!


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