Friday, August 31, 2012

Back on the Bike

At long last, I went for a bike ride this evening after supper. Our weather has been exceedingly wet, which means it's been very mosquitoey and excessively humid. I've avoided the weather by staying indoors. But my lethargy was getting to me, and the wind was brisk, and we've had no rain for two days! So Adam and I took off on the bikes. I was wobbling on my wheels, trying to snap this photo of this adorable daddy/son pair, perched on the river's edge, fishing.
We rode west to the sun and the town marina.
A large hedge of these flowers bloom along the harbor bank. What are they? Do you know?
The sun sank in a hurry to go to bed.
We strolled out on the boardwalk to look at the boats -- so many for sale. See the seagull?
These two pups looked very much like they wanted out.
The sailboat was racing for its slip, leaving the blue moon behind.


  1. Looks pretty and fall-ish in here. I like it! :) And about the flower, it's a trumpet vine. Reminds me of a large honeysuckle. Pretty, eh? :)

  2. Trumpet vine! Thank you, Melissa. Yes, the blog is turning autumnal. Here's hoping that the world will follow suit :)


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