Thursday, August 30, 2012

This and That and Crafty Things

I've got a lot of crafty things going on around here. My bee cream has been selling well. I bought these metal containers at Michael's and was pleased with them. Then I sold out of cream, and I needed more. And two different Michael's stores had no more. (This makes me a little grumpy, only a little.) These metal tins were $1.29 each, which I thought was good. Other plastic containers were $2.00 or $3.00 each.
So yesterday I roamed around Michael's, looking for another option. And I found these:
They're almost the same size. These floral tins, however, were full of candles. They were in the clearance bin. They were 79¢ each! Adam said, "I can get those candles out for you." So I bought them -- all of them! About 25 of them! And when I went to check-out, I discovered they were not 79¢ each; they were only 40¢ each! Yippee! (Nothing makes me happier than a sweet deal!)
I went to our prayer shawl meeting this morning and found the ladies all astir. An elderly woman with Alzheimer's had donated all her crafting stuff (boxes of yarn, needles, pins, fabric, patterns, notions) for us to pick through and enjoy. I nabbed a few things and thought you'd like to see. Two small pieces of fabric, some pins, and some elastic.
A massive skein of yarn. This thing is really huge. Sorry the photo is dark and fuzzy. It's dark, fuzzy yarn :)
A big old spool of pale yellow yarn. It seems like fingering yarn. No idea what I'll do with it.
A little skein of eyelash yarn too:
And THIS. What is it? It's adorable, and Pom Pom, I brought it home mostly so I could show it to you! I'm not sure, but it may be like something Julia had last year, a plastic "tool" used for children to easily make long tubes of "knitted" yarn. But I really don't know.
Here's the top:
Here's the bottom. I'm assuming the yarn would go up through that hole and emerge through the top of the toadstool, and be somehow woven among the metal prongs to make something. One lady said she had something like it as a child, and they would make place mats and doilies with it.
If you know what it does/how it works, please do leave a comment and let me know!!!


  1. It is a knitting bee, I think- bound to be instructions on Google. That thick yarn would make a gorgeous sea shell scarf from our crochet book- see Hookery under books!!

  2. Love the floral tins! The bee cream looks nice too. I make something like that and I love it. What a bunch of knitty treasures you found. No idea what the toadstool is, but I hope you find out.

  3. Can't remember what the toadstool is but it knits a long tube of yarn that can be used for straps, etc. There's a name for that but I can't remember. If I remember at 3:00 tonight, I'll call you, 'k?
    Just Kidding!

  4. Thanks, Mags!! I looked over on youtube, and sure enough -- it's a knitting bee :) I guess they often look like little honey bees too. It does make long tubes, Sandra. Might have to try it. If you make really long tubes, you can wind them around into place mats or coasters -- that makes sense now.

    Jody!! Of course it looks like something you make :) I got the recipe from your blog a couple of years ago. I tweaked it a little, but it's a great hand cream recipe, and it's been a success. Thanks so much for sharing back then!

  5. I love the toadstool knitting bee! It's so cute!
    The tins are perfect!
    I look forward to seeing what you do with that creamy colored yarn.

  6. We often call them 'french knitting dollies' in the UK.
    You can make so many things with a length of french knitting! Enjoy!


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