Sunday, August 5, 2012


Oriental, from the seat of a bike, is a pleasant view. There's water around every corner. I've shown you pictures of the beautiful Neuse. We also have ponds that rise and fall with the tide. They nestle down between streets and blow cool breezes onto house porches.
They're full of reeds and frogs.
This one usually has a large floating dragon, but he's currently being repaired. See the shrimp boats down in the harbor?
Late afternoon sun glistens on the water in Fulcher's shrimp yard.
The big boats, each with a romantic name:
The sultry elegance of the shimmering water, up against the business of shrimping, always gives me a little jar.
The Oriental Yacht Club, from the water side:
There's a sparkle to Oriental, a flavor of fun and exuberance, that's catching.  Even though we're at the far end of nowhere, if you can visit sometime, you should. It'll be worth the drive. Many come here for a look, and stay for twenty years.


  1. I'm so happy about your new land. I am looking forward to the changing seasons in Oriental.


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