Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching Up

Here are a few photos I've taken since I've been in the mountains. Mother made her luscious tea ring on the first morning.
Peter gave his grandmother a sweet hug. She calls him her birthday present -- same birthday, 60 years apart.
Peter's dorm room. He's in the Honors College, and the buildings are absolutely gorgeous, brand-spanking new. Big room, high ceilings.

I love that his desk chair is a rocking chair :)
He and his roommate have their own bathroom, and the sink is in a separate alcove, outside of the bathroom.
The bathroom is large and roomy.
I snapped a pic of his window from another hallway. It's the single window in the center of the shot. He's up on the 4th floor with a great view of the campus quad.
I drove down to pick up Anna. She's so domestic; she's been rescuing abandoned plants on campus this summer. She has three.
She also has a fish named William Shakespeare, given to her by a former owner.
This morning Grandmother made us pancakes/waffles. Julia presses her chocolate chips down into her pancake, while snuggling in a shawl and sipping hot tea.
Julia's pancake, "half-flipped" as she likes it.
Grandmother chops strawberries for us.

The old waffle iron was spewing steam and doing its thing.
A beautiful old quilt that a neighbor loaned to my mother for the summer. I love the colors.
More later! I cleaned my Very Filthy refrigerator today, and I'm worn out. It was utterly disgusting, after sitting in my parents' garage for a year, and only being tended to by my 18 year old for the summer. Scrub, scrub, scrub.


  1. Look at that quilt, those pancakes- mmm! Just popping in to tell you that the Almonds are Angela of Tracing Rainbows and her husband Bob! Very real and very here where we are having a lovely time- actually sunny in the frozen North. makes a nice change.

  2. Oh my. My parents had that very same waffle iron. It looks just like it in dearly loved wear and tear as well. :)


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