Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Beauties

We all need blog posts full of lovely things, yes?
When I took Anna back to college, we stopped by a Mexican place to share a plate full of nachos.  It's one of those simple things that we remember for years. How many more chances will I have to sit and chat with her like that? Many, I hope. She's growing so lovely, inside and out.
The sunset among the mountains and pines was glowing as I drove home.

Sandy and I sat and waited for Julia to finish her art class. Bless the puppy -- she's waiting and she doesn't even know what she's waiting for, until Julia walks toward the car.
Sandy in profile:
As we waited for Julia, I finally photographed this interesting tree, a sycamore, I think. The bark looks so much like a paint-by-number from childhood, or maybe just a watercolor look.
Isn't it beautiful and unusual? How often do we just glance and not look?


  1. how often do we miss the Whisper because we've got noise playing?

  2. Sandy is so gorgeous! She takes a lovely photo, doesn't she! Please give her a treat from Pom Pom.


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