Monday, August 13, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Here's the Oriental Dragon. He lives in the Dragon Pond, down at the town harbor, outside the (Coffee) Bean. He's the work of a local artist, and recently restored.
But that's not what "decisions, decisions" is about. I have to make up my mind about something. Remember when I said recently that I had kind of stepped out of my career, and probably wouldn't teach again?

That scratchy sound you hear is the rewind button on my life.

It seems I have an opportunity to teach again. Not full time. And nothing that would prevent my homeschooling Julia, which is first priority. It's an adjunct position at a local community college.

Community College teaching is generally a step-up from high school, professionally. The academic freedom and lack of irritating parents is a huge bonus at the college level.
Continuing in my field could be a very smart thing.
They need me and were excited to meet me.
The pay is good and would be a huge help to our budget.
There's always a niggling little part of me inside that wants to teach again. I usually slap it down.
It's part-time and can fit into my schedule. I think. As long as I don't go overboard and become a teaching lunatic, as I usually do.
The teaching is easy -- an evening ESL class to a small group of adults. And maybe another online course in English comp.
I think I might be slipping into laziness at home all the time.
If I don't like it, I can quit after the semester is over.

When I teach, I generally lose my creativity. My energies go into teaching. Not that I've been writing much lately anyway.
I'm worried that it will eat into my family time.
I really need to start writing my 3rd book, and get my 2nd book edited, finished, and published.
Going back into my old field could be a very dumb thing, especially since I'm enjoying the whole writer/soap-maker/crocheter thing.
I hate grading.
I hate grading.
(I won't say that again, but I really could!)
I hate to lose my free time. I don't know how much free time I'll lose. But however much it is, I hate losing it.

 I hate making decisions. I'm the patron at the restaurant who takes 10 minutes longer than anyone else to pick a meal, and then regrets what she did pick. So, any constructive words of wisdom out there? My gut tells me I'll teach this semester, because we need the money. But we could certainly survive without it.  And last thing: I really, really think it was a God-prompt that got me to check the college website one last time for a position.  Makes me nervous.


  1. Do it. You have so much to offer and it came your way at a time when you are considering something more (not more in the sense that what you have now is not enough, more in the sense of a sparkly blessing!)
    You can control the grading. You CAN be creative with lesson plans and exercises for EL'ers AND writers.
    If it doesn't interfere with Julia, it may give her some private time that she needs (all kids do!)
    You can still crochet and make soap. I find I appreciate my free time more when I don't have as much of it.
    This is little. Take it. Big is HARD (as far as time consumption goes).
    Okay, that's my bossy response. Disregard all and I'll still love you. (smile!)

  2. I know that teaching can just engulf the creative part of you and I really want to read that 2nd book, BUT I'd like to share that I taught adult ESL for over 10 years and loved every minute of it. Can you make a commitment for a limited time (say one semester) and see how it goes? I'm sure you would be very good at it and the contact with other cultures may spark that creative impulse in ways you've never seen. cousin Karen

  3. I don't think you'll lose your creativity, you'll just be creatively teaching. I taught adjunct at university level and loved it; much better than 1-12 but have never taught college so can't compare. I'm sure it's the same...right?...just different titles for ed system.
    Make up your goals, including the time you're going to spend grading. You're in control of your time, both in and out of the classroom; if you're spending too much time grading, you can't change that. You can change it either by changing the tests you give or by changing the amount of time you spend grading.
    MK, I'm preaching to the choir here. Yesterday, I listened, again, to Debbie Macomber's Knit Together audio book. I'm determined to focus on goal writing...daily, weekly, monthly, I can spend my time focusing on what God wants me to focus upon.
    Might you be interested in an "accountability group"? I'm in need of folks who will be positive in their support, gracious in their criticism all while showing God's love in action.


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