Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little Joys

You never know when you'll break your morning egg, and find twice the yummy! This was my morning surprise today:
I know some of the country is in severe drought, but over here on the east coast, we've had more than enough rain, rain, rain. Several yards in Oriental are sprouting these:
This fenceful of roses makes me smile every time I ride by. (Pardon me, but those are not roses! I'm not sure what they are, but they're definitely not roses :)
And another sweet treat -- last night there was a free reading of Henry IV, part 2, by an acting troupe from the Carolinas. It's a long play! But I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The actors sat around in chairs and came to their stands to read in small groups, as the scenes dictated. One lady read all the scene changes and entrances. They were excellent -- especially because I don't think they'd read it together before (I'm not sure), although many of them had clearly perfected their characters and lines. But at the end, there was confusion about which woman would read the epilogue as the dancer -- they'd never done it all, or read it before, to determine that :)
Falstaff. He was excellent!
The playbill outside. They're performing Much Ado the next two weekends in New Bern.
Their goal in giving these free readings is to increase the public's exposure to hearing Shakespeare spoken, so they will enjoy the plays more when they see them performed. What an excellent gift to us all!


  1. A Sahkspeare festival? I need to emigrate. Think how wild and free and culturted my strawberries could be?! I am here publically to apologise for the Willows' debacle. One hostess had to drop out, but I stupidly didn't take that address from the itinerary which proceeded on its merry chain, and there they were lost in France. We trust that they have been retrieved by a gallant knight, and will soon be on their way to Floss, also in France. I do hope before the end of the summer so that they can have some grandes vacances. It will then probably be deep winter by the time they go antipodean. Anyway. Mea culpa. Sorry x

  2. How wonderful! And what a great idea! Oriental = a great place!


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