Monday, August 20, 2012

The Rest of Anna's Visit

Hunter, dear Hunter, had us ladies over for tea yesterday. Mother put together a little flower arrangement to brighten the day.
Anna came along. (That's a funny smile on her face.)
At Hunter's house, we all have this secret addiction to these little "Anna" cookies. Wafer thin, and so very yummy. You can clear the plate of them before you know what you're doing. And Hunter made these wonderful little muffins. I had two.
With toppings, of course. That's her mock Devonshire cream over there, two kinds of jam, and a pot of maple butter, whatever that is. Well, whatever it was, we ate it all up!!
Grandmother teased Julia by tugging her hair. Good thing too, because later yesterday Anna chopped off about 4 inches of Julia's locks.
My plate. You see how I couldn't resist breaking off a bit of cookie, even before the photo?

This is the cheesecake Mother made for Sunday dessert. Graham cracker crust on the bottom, then a thick layer of chocolate ganache, then the cheesecake, and caramel on top.
This morning, she made eggs, bacon and toast for Philip, as his send-off to college. What a pan full of eggs! They are farm-fresh too, of course.
My cute family. I didn't organize family photos as I should have this trip, just snapshots as the mood arose.
I've also been spending some time watching Netflix: The Last Detective starring Peter Davison (aka, Tristan Farnon on All Creatures) and Catherine Cookson's The Wingless Bird. That second one is good for any of you ladies who like a good, sappy romance.


  1. I came over to thank you for visiting my blog, and enjoyed the posts I read so much. Sweet family...happy faces. :)

    Will definitely be back since you made me smile!

  2. Hunter made a delicious tea. Mmmmm. Now i want sugar cookies.

  3. Yes, Pom, my blogging goal is always to make people hungry as they leave - haha!! Sugar cookies sound so good.
    Thanks for coming over, Melissa -- you're welcome all the time!!


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