Friday, August 17, 2012

Skirting Mountains

Hi all. I've been busy driving. I drove all day Wednesday from one tip end of North Carolina to almost the other. I'm at my folks' house. I spent Thursday in town with my 18 year old, doing last-minute desperate attempts to ensure that the start of his freshman college year took off with only minimal distress. Last night, we all sat around and watched Adam's and my wedding video, which gets more entertaining as the years go by!

Today I took off into the bigger mountains, to the other tip end of the state -- Cullowhee. There, after yet another last dash to the Super WalMart (along with every other freshman/parent set in town, and there are not a few!) I left the boy to his own devices. Then I turned my nose southward, drove through more large mountains and found myself in the rather hilly northern part of Georgia. I picked up Anna at her college, and we drove (again, along windy mountain roads) back to my parents' house. All in one day. I'm weary with driving.

Tomorrow we go to Hunter's for tea, and I must say I'm parched for some lady-like rest. On Sunday, Philip arrives in his own little car, and after a brief stop-over here, will proceed to his own mountain-top collegiate establishment for his senior year.

Then I'm taking my 13 year old back to the coast on another all-day ride, from whence I shall not budge for a very long time.

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  1. Oh my! You must give yourself permission to rest when you get back to Oriental! God bless you sweet college kids, MK! (Julia, too!)


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