Monday, August 6, 2012

Selling Bee Cream

Do you remember the Bee Cream I made a while back? Click on that link, if you want the recipe. It turned out so well. I put it in the jar, used it a bit, we moved, and I forgot about it. Until we moved here. Then I found it again, and I've used it up. I forgot how wonderful this stuff is.
Then I went to the Michael's store and found these cute stainless steel jars for $1.29 each. So I made a new batch of Bee Cream, and sold two of them at the market on Saturday.

I've started using this stuff on my arms, legs, chest and even on my face. It's so mild and moisturizing. It feels greasy at first, but at least it doesn't disappear in one minute, like that watery lotion from the store! After a few minutes, this cream sinks in and your skin loses that dry, scaly feeling. I was especially noticing this on my upper arms. The beeswax in it is so important -- bees put anti-fungal, anti-microbial magic (okay ... it's not magic. It's just God.) into their comb. That's why honey lasts so long. The comb -- the wax -- has wonderful healing qualities. Lots of people make creams with shea butter and all kinds of "butters" -- oils, really. And they are great, they are. They moisturize. So does this cream, with its olive and coconut and vitamin E oils. But the beeswax is what sets it aside. And thanks to Adam's bee hives, I have a wonderful supply of natural beeswax. Happy me!! :)

I made another batch yesterday because I think this stuff will sell quickly. I have a "sample" dish of it, so customers can dry a dab and rub it in while they shop at the market.


  1. The tins are lovely! So many reasons to dream about being where you are! I have finally read my way through the Kindle undergrowth to Three Against the Dark. Oh it's a bit scary? I am enjoying it very much!

  2. Oooo -- Mags, that's exciting to me! I love to think of a friend, entering the little world I made. I hope you do like it :)

  3. How much do you sell the tins of bee cream for? They are so appealing!

  4. I sell it for $5.00 per tin, GJ. Each one holds 4 oz./ about 1/2 cup. Adam says that's too cheap, but I like the price.


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