Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumnal Poetry

Autumn Fires

In the other gardens
And all up the vale,
From the autumn bonfires
See the smoke trail!

Pleasant summer over
And all the summer flowers,
The red fire blazes,
The grey smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!

~ R.L. Stevenson


  1. Oh! I do love that poem - and the photos you post are just the thing to go with...
    We have no fires in the fall around here - and the Clean Air people even outlaw wood fires in our stoves on many days. But I am imagining the wonderful smell right now.

  2. I agree with GJ! I love the smell of fires.
    Beautiful poem!

  3. I am working on this with our first grade! I teach them to read it, memorize it, sing it, and draw it. I love the pictures they come up with!

  4. What a great array of assignments, Melinda! I bet that poem sticks with them for a lifetime.


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