Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pyracantha Predictions

I heard someone say that the acorns are plenteous this year. Another said he'd read we are due for a good, cold winter. A third friend noted that her pyracantha is putting forth abundant berries.
This large pyracantha bush snuggles next to an old inn in "the village" in Oriental -- the old part of town.
Isn't it a beautiful building? (Well, except the hose, the AC unit and the fuel tank.)
I loved the look of the harbor rocks and this plant -- bright green and tired brown.
I should add that by "good, cold winter" in Oriental, I merely mean we'll get well below freezing a few times. Perhaps a dusting of snow. That's the South -- what can I say?


  1. Well, wait just a minute...I'm in the south and I've seen the thermometer at 35 BELOW ZERO F! That was in January 1996, the coldest winter I've seen on the farm and we lived in a house with no walls or windows. It was a serious challenge -grin-. But, we made it and have stories to tell.

  2. That is a beautiful building. Gorgeous. We are briefly in KY - and the squirrels sure are busy...

  3. Squirrels are a good indication too!! :) And Sandra ... there's The South, and then there's The Deep South. Y'know? :)

  4. Pretty photos, MK!
    Well, YAY! You'll sell more smittens!


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