Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Bobble Stitch Ear Warmers

This morning I found the cutest crochet pattern. I found it on Pinterest, but the pattern itself is on this blog, "Little Rays of Sunshine." It's a delightful blog.  Here's a close-up of the bobble stitch. The blogger does a good job of giving the directions.
I think this will be a good addition to my wares at the farmer's market. What a fun stitch, and a fun item to make -- simple, cute, practical. This yarn is the "Simply Soft" brand from Michael's, a lovely deep red shade.


  1. You're so clever...and look so pretty in your creation. :)

  2. Very cool, MK! You look sweet and rosy!
    My crochet skills are lacking. Come to Denver and give me a personal tutorial, okay?

  3. Thank you, Melissa!
    Pom, I wish! I'd love to come to your home, esp. this time of year. Oh, I'd love to see your golden trees!!!

  4. Patricia, our crochet guru from the Hookery blog, and I have just been researching puff stitch- for pompkins for my Very Exciting Garland that I am determined to start and finish within THIS WEEK. We think it si the same as bobble stitch? You make it look so effective here. I hope that one of these cosy red items will be for your own pleasure and cosyment!

  5. Well, I'm putting this one up for sale this Saturday, Mags, but yes, I do hope to make one for myself. This red yarn is one of 3 colors that are all deep, rich jewel tones.

    Go check out the site with the bobble stitch -- it's very easy, and she explains the stitch well. The pattern instructions are just a little fuzzy, but you can figure it out, with the photos helping. Basically the bobble is 4 double crochets on the hook at once, and they you pull the yarn through them all. When you attach this to the next single crochet, it makes it round and poofy. Very fun stitch. I hope it works for you!!


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