Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunlight and Sandy

A dear friend gave me this cup and saucer as a gift, when we moved from the mountains. I haven't unpacked so many things, but this pair I wanted out, so I could look at them. As the late sun cut through the blinds yesterday afternoon, it lit on the china brilliantly.
This elegant cream pitcher was also a gift from another friend. I keep these pieces together.
They sit on an old "dry sink," as my parents call it. It's a useful piece of furniture with storage beneath, and a drawer.
Julia and I went for a bike ride. Adam was away, and I hated to leave Sandy home alone. She looks so sad when we all leave, and it's particularly hard when I know she loves to be outside. So Julia and I came up with a plan:  a Sandy pouch!
Or should I call it a "pooch pouch"?  It's Julia's backpack. We zipped it up so only Sandy's head was out. No paws.

And it worked well. I watched them, and Sandy rode contentedly with her nose in the air, sniffing it all. She'd look back at me to check that I was there. We went to the park, and she rode with Julia the whole way. We were very happy.
Later, we tried it again, this time with Adam riding along. And I don't know if it was his presence, or something else, but Sandy did not do well. She wiggled and squirmed. Julia was riding behind us. Before we knew it, Sandy was trying to jump out, Julia  was panicking and veering, and then she ran into the brick wall of a church and bonked her head! She's fine, but she did get a couple of scratches on her arm. Adam returned the doggie to the house, and we won't be trying that again!

 South Ave. with the setting sun. Oriental is a peaceful, lovely place -- as long as you keep an eye on the dogs!


  1. This made me smile! Sandy is so cute, poking her head out of the pouch, but I'm so sorry that Julia bashed into the brick wall!

  2. Poor Julia- give her an Irish hug from us! I'm trying not to hum that awful Who Let the Dogs Out song....


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