Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pirates! In Oriental!

Pirates? Okay, not really. But these people sure have done cool, piratish things with their boat. See?
Adam dragged me down to the town harbor to see this boat. They've done their paint job to look like portals. I think the dashing red  flag atop their main mast is a nice touch as well. They need a jolly roger, yes?
How'd you like to sail the seven seas (or a few rivers and creeks even) in something like this? We see it all in Oriental.
The local Woman's Club celebrated an Oktoberfest last night, complete with funny spellings and mums. I love autumn.
Our weather is chilling down at last. The high tomorrow will be in the 60s. That should feel nice. We started rehearsing Christmas music today at church, and I cooked our after-church "snack" (which is never a snack really, and is often a full-fledged meal): world's best queso dip with Adam's home-made tortilla chips, egg salad on crackers, rice krispie treats, and home-baked pumpkin/cranberry bread. It was well received.


  1. After church snack sound scrumptious!

  2. I went to THE Oktoberfest in Munich in a former life. Oh but you would love it- pretzels and colour and whirlers and drindls and hearts- no need to touch a drop of Erdinger!


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