Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, D-minus-one

We went for a little drive after supper to see how the water levels were looking. I forgot my camera, so I had to go back out a second time, while my crazy husband and daughter went for a walk.
So, here's the Neuse, by Lou Mac Park. The river will certainly come up over this boardwalk tomorrow.
Can you see the swells in the river? This is a river, mind you, not the ocean! Adam says the water is right under the boards of the dock.
Then I drove down to the town harbor in front of The Bean Coffee Shop. The Bean is the green roof on the left. The red roof is the art gallery. See the railing on the right? That's the edge of the bridge. The water covers the road all the way from the art gallery down to the Provision Company parking lot.
Julia says they walked down this area, and the water was up to her knees. She thinks she saw a fish swimming by.
I pulled up in the car as far as I could, in the raised parking area. See the 2 poles? The rail to the right of them is the rail of the bridge. The water has flooded over it. I hope that boat doesn't ride up on the dock, which is almost under water.
In the midst of it all, M and M's Cafe is still open for business, if you need to come in out of the wind and wet.
The dinghy dock is totally under water. You can see how much darker it became, just while I was driving around.
Town Dinghy Dock from the side.
And way out there is the tip top of the harbor sea wall, just barely above the water line. Two boats were still lying at anchor. And Philip, if you happen to read this, yes, that's Henig's boat out there still.
The Oriental Marina. The docks are barely above water. Adam said they walked out on these docks later. Many people were in their boats riding out the storm. The boats are sitting much higher though, and the tall power boats loomed over them as they walked by. The wind whistling in the rigging was a creepy sound.
The ditches and channels in town are filling quickly and turning into ponds.
I drove down Factory Street and came to an abrupt halt before a large watery patch.
But this home was alight with welcome and warmth. Deep purple mums bloom along the railings. The family can watch the storm from that balcony. I took this photo first on my drive. See how quickly it darkened?
Hopefully I'll get you some more pictures tomorrow, and you can compare.


  1. that white home is so lovely with those porches. Wow, lots of flooding going on. How strong is the wind? How much rain have you gotten already. Thanks for sharing the pics. Liz

  2. Yikes! I hope you are keeping your feet dry, MK! It's hard for me to imagine such a storm!

  3. Take care, sweets. Will be praying for your safety...not sure if your house will get any flooding or not, since I don't know how close the Neuse is to you. Strange how early the water is rising, and they're saying the full moon tonight isn't helping matters.

    Gary's folks moved inland from the Chesapeake Bay and are staying with his brothers in another town in MD, so we've got them in our watches as well.

    Please take care. :)


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