Monday, October 22, 2012

**Operation TAD** Has Begun!!

See that book over there? ------->
Yeah, that one. Three Against the Dark.  (aka, T.A.D.)
It's about how anyone, even a child, can fight against the forces of evil.
It's about rescuing helpless, hopeless children, held in a house of evil.
Yep -- this book:
I want this book itself to be a weapon against evil. And I want you to help!
I've posted before about Katie, a beautiful little girl adopted from the Pleven Orphanage in Eastern Europe. She was rescued, literally, from death and the forces of evil. God bless the Mussers for rescuing their little girl and caring for her!

Mrs. Musser recently wrote a post describing the whole of Katie's adoption story, and a broader picture of what went on at Pleven, the sort of thing we think would only happen in a Grimm fairy tale. An administration that intentionally malnourished many, many orphaned, special needs children, to keep them small, to receive the government money. When I read that post, I cried and cried.

And I vowed to do something. I've wanted to do something since I first read of Katie and her friends on the top floor of Pleven. What could I do? I didn't think we could adopt, like the Mussers. We don't have much money. I have a little, bitty online voice. What can I do?

Then I thought of my book. Three Against the Dark is about rescuing children too. About children who've never grown, enslaved for someone else's use. Some of the similarities are almost disturbing ... and I wrote this book almost a decade ago! A decade ago, Katie was suffering in Pleven. And God laid on my heart to give this book to His purposes, to rescue the Pleven orphans.

So I decided I would donate all the profits from the sale of this book toward the adopting families who are bringing babies home from the top floor "baby house" at Pleven. Isn't that exciting!? All the profits I make from sales of this book, from the date I first published it until every baby is brought home to a new family, will go to this cause. That's my promise to you, dear readers.

My problem is this:  I've sold some books, but not enough yet even to get a first check from Amazon. I earn a percentage of each book sale, and the total must reach $100 (I think? I forget.) before they send me a check.

Do you want to help? If you haven't bought a copy, yet, buy one! It costs $2.99, not much! It's a great story. (And please, don't just buy it; read it!) Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your strangers, give it as a gift.  The book doesn't come in a print version yet (sorry) because that's more expensive to publish. Right now it's only available on Amazon. And you don't need a Kindle to read it. If you have a regular computer, just download the Kindle Cloud Reader, free online, and it will let your computer/laptop function as  Kindle for reading Amazon's ebooks.

Here's my promise to you: I'll let you know when I get the first check. The Mussers are adopting a little boy from Pleven also, and he hasn't come home to them yet.  Tommy is much beloved, and they are raising funds. Mrs. Musser has told me to donate my funds to whichever family is the most needy, which is what I want to do, so I'll take her advice on who to give the funds to.

Help us reach this goal! Together, let's bring the children home from Pleven, to the families that love them! This is God's work, friend, not mine. I'm praying that He will use this little beginning, to do BIG THINGS  for Him!  Thank you, dear friends.

"This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father,
 to visit orphans and widows in their distress,
 and to keep oneself unstained by the world."
James 1:27

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  1. MK, you're a good soul! Just blogged about this and, sometime this week, will take my Kindle somewhere I can download your book.
    God bless you!


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