Monday, October 29, 2012

Lofting the Minuet

"loft": verb, in shipbuilding, to form or describe the lines of a hull in full size. 
Adam and Julia have begun their boat-building. They're making a sailing pram. ("pram": noun, a small, flat-bottomed row boat for fishing)  This pram will serve as a little sailing vessel for Julia, and as a dinghy for us, when we have a sailboat. (someday)
They went to Lowe's and bought the plywood.

They've been practicing all the measurements and precise diagrams in math for a couple of weeks. I'd ask them what they're doing in math one day, and they'd answer things like, "Lofting a bow transom, Mom." When Adam felt their geometric constructions were precise enough, they transferred them to full-size and began cutting wood. Made me nervous. Cutting is rather permanent! Then I remembered how nervous my mom was when I was in high school, making drill team outfits, and cutting into pricey velvet with utter confidence.
The photo above is a side of the boat. Julia is sanding the edges.
Here's one part of the bottom of the boat. Adam is getting the design specs online for free.

Julia sits in her boat-to-be. The vessel will be called "Minuet." She's sitting on the bottom pieces, and has her hands on the side, so that's about the size -- 7'10" long.
I'll keep you informed on their progress. They'll need days above 50º for the epoxy to set, but Adam hopes to have the boat in the water before Christmas. Julia is over-the-moon happy!


  1. Tell Julia that we think she is fab!

  2. What design are they building? (i.e. who is the free online source?)

  3. Currie, Adam says it's called the D5 dinghy. Site: boatplansonline. No designer is listed.


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